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Delivery Process

Discover the delicious taste of our premium sockeye salmon fillets, available in convenient 20 lb boxes. Each fall, after Tara returns from her Alaskan fishing expedition, we deliver these exquisite fillets throughout Montana and Eastern Washington. Simply select your location on the order form, and Tara will personally finalize delivery details with you by mid-September, ensuring a direct boat-to-table experience.

If you don’t find your location on the list or prefer the convenience of home delivery, choose your preferred shipping date. For those wanting their salmon sooner, overnight shipping is available at an additional charge to guarantee your seafood arrives fresh and irresistible.

2024 Pick-Up Dates and Locations: 

Bozeman Area: October 13 - 14 and December 9
Kalispell: October 17
Coeur d'Alene / Post Falls: October 18
Spokane: October 20 - 22
Ritzville: October 21
Missoula: October 23
Helena: Nov 5-8

Domestic Shipping Options Available (First Shipping Date - November 4)

-  Caught and delivered for you  -

Fishing Season: May-August

Delivery:  Fall

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