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Sockeye Servings

Boat to Table | Bristol Bay Wild Caught

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Bristol Bay Wild Sockeye Salmon: 

  • Highest Grade Fillets on the Market

  • Wild and well managed fishery with ZERO BY-CATCH!

  • Proudly woman owned and operated

Sockeye Servings brings wild Alaskan salmon caught by local captain Tara Hines and other members of her quality dedicated fleet directly to consumers, completing the Boat to Table process.  We are fully invested in providing you with the highest grade salmon using sustainable practices that you can be proud to share.


Aboard the fishing vessel The Emerald Sea, Tara sustainably harvests wild sockeye salmon in the waters of Bristol Bay which hosts the largest sockeye salmon run in the world.  Each salmon is hand-picked from the net, bled, placed immediately in 33 degree refrigerated sea water, then flash-frozen and vacuum-packed to deliver the highest quality fillets.  We only bring home the highest grade fillets to direct market - guaranteeing you quality that is inaccessible in regular consumer retail markets.


We provide fall product delivery in Missoula, Helena, Butte, Bozeman, and Spokane each year with our annual catch and look forward to sharing our Boat to Table Wild Alaskan Salmon with you! 

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